1x rPET Šedá + 1x rPET-G Karbonová černá+ 1x rPET-G dle vlastního výběru

Why we make from recyclate

In the package you will find 1x 1Kg recycled rPET filament in light grey + 1x 1Kg recycled rPET-G filament in Milky White + 1x 1Kg / 0.75Kg recycled rPET-G filament, choice of seventeen colours

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V balíčku najdete 1x 1Kg recyklovaného filamentu rPET v světle šedé + 1x 1Kg rPET-G v karbonové černé + 1x 1Kg/0,75kg recyklovaného filamentu rPET-G, výběr dle nabídky

Product description :


  • Diameter: 1,75 mm +/-0,05 mm
  • filament made from recycled PET bottles
  • rPET material is suitable for experienced printers
  • very good mechanical properties, which include limits of strength, elongation, elasticity and yield
  • suitable for printing large objects


  • Diameter: 1,75 mm +/-0,05 mm
  • filament made from recycled PET-G
  • PET-G is a modified version of PET (glycol is added during polymerisation), "G" means "modified glycol"
  • ecological filament
  • In the production of PET-G, cyclohexandimethanol is used instead of ethylene glycol, this structural change causes a change in the thermal properties of the polymer due to the size of the molecule.
  • it is a thermoplastic amorphous material that has suitable properties for 3D printing
  • suitable for printing all objects
  • chemically resistant