Recyklovaný filament z PET-G – Kanárková žlutá, 1 KG

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Why we make from recyclate

Materiál rPET-G

  • Diameter: 1,75 mm +/-0,05 mm
  • filament made from recycled PET-G
  • PET-G is a modified version of PET (glycol is added during polymerisation), "G" means "modified glycol"
  • ecological filament
  • In the production of PET-G, cyclohexandimethanol is used instead of ethylene glycol, this structural change causes a change in the thermal properties of the polymer due to the size of the molecule.
  • it is a thermoplastic amorphous material that has suitable properties for 3D printing
  • suitable for printing all objects
  • chemically resistant

Popis balení:
Standardní balení – filament zabalený jednotlivě v malých krabičkách.
Ekologické balení – filament zabalený bez malých krabiček po více kusech do jedné velké krabice.

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Diameter: 1,75mm +/- 0,05mm
Make-up: 345m
Net weight: 1000g
Gross weight: 1450g
Coil weight: 248g
Dimension of coil: 20×6,8cm


  • good strength limit
  • impact resistance
  • safe for contact with food
  • resistant to higher temperatures
  • small shrinkage when printing
  • high material elasticity

Recommended Print Setup

  • Extruder temperature 225-245°C
  • Washer: 70-100°C


  • Store in a dry place and protect from moisture.
  • If rPET-G filament is moistened, we recommend drying in a hot-air oven at 50 °C for at least 3 hours.


  • Recommended nozzle for printing filament rPET-G: 0.4 mm or more.