What is the origin of raw materials used for production of recycled filaments?

It is a mixture of post-industrial and post-consumer waste.

Are you direct manufacturer of filament or distributor?

We are direct manufacturer of filament. Our production plant is located in Planá nad Lužnicí.

Does the recycling process influence the filament quality?

Thanks to careful cleaning, removal of impurities and following re-granulation of the waste, the re-granulated material used for extrusion of filament has comparable properties to those of the primary input material (virgin granulate).

Can printed products and the waste of 3D printing processes be re-used for production of filament?

In order to maintain constant and high product quality, the input material must be 100% sorted and contamination with any other sort of material must not occur. This cannot be guaranteed if printed products are re-used, therefore, they cannot be recycled.

Do you offer any non-toxic filaments that can be used in food industry?

 The only item in our product range, which food safety can be guaranteed, is our filament made from pure PET recyclate. However, this product is intended for experienced printers, since it is extremely difficult to be printed and its behaviour in the printing process differs from other filaments currently available in the market. 

As far as rPLA and rPET-G are concerned, we have no information on their toxicity, consequently, they might be suitable for this purpose. However, we cannot declare this suitability.

 We have not any official certificate to guarantee their food safety.

How the filaments are dispatched (until what time can I make an order to have the consignment dispatched at the same day?)

Ordered products are dispatched every day, as a rule, before 11 a.m.

The orders made later are likely to be dispatched on the next day.
However, urgent consignments can also be forwarded after 11 a.m. (Please indicate urgent consignment in your order).

Unfortunately, actual dispatching of orders after 11 a.m. cannot be guaranteed, considering irregular pickup times in our collection point.

Why do your filaments slightly differ in tones of the same colour? In my first order, I received the filament of deep colour, now it was almost transparent?

Please note that our filaments are made from recyclate.
We endeavour to produce our filaments from a uniform recyclate, however, its colour is not always unified.

All depends on the input material used for our re-granulate. Therefore, colour tones of our filament can slightly differ from each other.

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