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IBM firma roku 2022

V průběhu října jsme se zúčastnili pražského krajského kola
IBM Firma roku 2022, kde jsme obsadili krásné 2. místo.

Face shields from EKO MB
presented in TV Nova broadcasting

In yesterday´s evening TV News (section Nova Foundation, video footage time 37:35), you could see the students and employees of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Czech Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering in Prague and Pet-Mat printing protection face shields from our material, thus helping hospitals and other institutions, e.g. Hospital Na Františku.

Thanks to all for co-operation and help! We are fighting together!

3D printing technology fights Covid-19

In these challenging times, we also try to make our contribution to fighting coronavirus. For this purpose, we have donated 20 kg of our filaments to the printing plants that will use it for printing necessary protection devices, face masks and respirators.

We take this opportunity to thank all them as well as other printing companies employing their experience and skills for a good cause.

Discussion in Primary School ZŠ Londýnská

On 5 March 2020, we paid a visit to Primary School ZŠ Londýnská. We were happy to make the children familiar with the good recycling practice. Also, we were talking about 3D printing technology, with hands-on 3D printing experience.

Thanks for a nice meeting. We are looking forward to another events

Excursion to EKO MB

On 19 December 2019, Ms Bartošová, Professor at the Secondary School of Arts and Design in Jihlava-Henín, and her fourth-year students visited our plant.

The students could view the recycling process and the production line of recycled 3D filaments. Now they will use our recycled filament in their printing practice. Thanks for support and much success in printing.

New product rPLA

We are introducing our NEW PRODUCT, rPLA filaments, available in three colours (white/red/black).

The original raw material for this filament is maize or potato starch. This is the most universal material for 3D printing, particularly suitable for beginners.

More in our e-shop:


Unique 3D statue Kaleidoscope, made from recycled PET material, has a new owner.

KALEIDOSCOPE has been designed by Ekin Ünlü, young student at the Technical University, Turkey. Forty-three 3D printers from around the Czech Republic participated in creation of this statue, composed of 152 parts. Via internet, various people, regardless age, gender and level of education, participated in this innovative project.

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New e-shop

We have opened a new e-shop for you, offering our recycled filaments for 3D printing. Compared with other materials, these products are unique because they have been made from pure recycled PET waste, without additives. This material features high thermal stability and excellent properties. It is available in two colour options, blue-grey and green.

All information and the offer can be found at:

Helping to Adam

In the age of only eight months, the baby was diagnosed with muscular hypotonia. Today, at the age of four years, little Adam cannot walk, speak and his mental capacity corresponds to one of a one-year-child. Nevertheless, Adam is a great fighter. We are helping him and his mummy to fight the disease. And you can help as well!

All information about Adam and how to help him at:

Written about us

In this year, scientific project PET MAT, sponsored by Mattoni 1873, has developed a filament* from recycled PET for 3D printers. Company EKO MB has finalised development of this material and applied all in the actual production. PET fibre prototype has already been tested at various 3D printers and accepted. We can produce even extremely complex shapes from this material, with no problems. The essential advantage of this material is its price, which is lower than competitive filaments from abroad, “comments Ondřej Dvořák, owner of EKO MB the success achieved by the researchers.

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