It is perhaps not necessary to explain what ‟recycling‟ means. In simple terms, it is a process to dispose waste materials, resulting in their re-use.

Recycling breathes new life into waste materials

Some figures providing food for thought

In 1950, 1.5 million tons of new plastics were produced worldwide. In 2013, there were already 299 million tons and – regretfully - an increase to 400 million tons in 2020 and unbelievable 700 million tons in 2050 have been forecasted

In late 2018, the Royal Statistical Office, UK, announced that only 9% of global production of plastics were recycled (of which 30% in Europe, 25% in China, 9% in the USA), the rest has been dumped or even disposed in the nature. If this trend will continue, 12 billion tons of plastics will be disposed on landfills in 2050

Pacific Garbage Patch is the spot where a large quantity of sea waste accumulates. According to estimates, total weight of this patch is 79 000 tons, including 1.1 to 3.6 billion tons of plastics

Why recycling?

We reflected a little and decided not to produce additional waste and make use of the existing waste instead.

Why the products made from recycled materials can be more expensive than those made from primary raw materials?

People can say that the price of these products should be lower, as they have been made from raw materials already produced. However, it is necessary to note that the recycling process is more demanding (in terms of technology and time) than production of new materials (see below).



Proces recyklace Filamentu EKO MB pro 3D tisk

Buying plastics

Proces recyklace Filamentu EKO MB pro 3D tisk

Sorting and decontamination

Proces recyklace Filamentu EKO MB pro 3D tisk

Processing (shredding)

For a successful recycling, plastic waste must be sorted as good as possible, whether using automatic facilities or – which is a much more frequent practice – manually. ‟Cleanliness “is the essential factor of the price of recycled materials, since sorting waste to obtain only one kind of material is really difficult. In our plant, we strive to have the waste as clean as possible, so that its properties are in line with our production needs.

Why to buy products made from recycled materials?

Our product made from recycled materials have the same quality and durability as those made from primary raw materials.
When buying recycled products, you don’t support production of additional waste.
The Czech Republic alone generates approx. 150 tons of plastic filaments from primary raw materials. We are the first Czech producer of filament from recycled materials.