Recyklovaný filament z PLA – Antracitová černá, 1 KG

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Why we make from recyclate
  • Diameter: 1,75 mm +/-0,05 mm
  • PLA (polylactic acid)
  • it is a biopolymer made from corn starch
  • PLA is a thermoplastic polyester
  • absolutely wholesome, removable by controlled composting, no microplastics
  • Compared to other materials, it is better than polystyrene, but worse than PET
  • The temperature of the glass transition is 65 °C, therefore in case of wetting filament *we recommend drying in a hot-air oven to 55 °C for 3 hours
  • melting temperature of PLA is from 180 °C
  • PLA má vysokou povrchovou energii a díky tomu snadnou potisknutelnost
  • PLA is well soluble in ethyl acetate, therefore this organic solvent is recommended for possible cleaning of 3D printers contaminated with PLA material
  • contains 2-3% colour pigment
  • PLA filament je vhodný i k použití pro 3D pera

Popis balení:
Standardní balení – filament zabalený jednotlivě v malých krabičkách.
Ekologické balení – filament zabalený bez malých krabiček po více kusech do jedné velké krabice.

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Diameter: 1,75mm +/- 0,05mm
Make-up: 345m
Net weight: 1000g
Gross weight: 1450g
Coil weight: 248g
Dimension of coil: 20×6,8cm


  • quality and accurate printing
  • suitable material for beginners
  • no deformation and unpleasant fumes occur during printing
  • printed objects can be surface treated (grinding, varnishing)
  • excellent mechanical properties include: strength, elongation, elasticity
  • the most versatile material for 3D printing
  • suitable for printing small and large objects
  • minimum expansion during melting

Recommended Print Setup

  • Extruder temperature: 195-215 °C
  • Washer: 0-60 °C


  • Store in a dry place and protect from moisture.
  • If rPLA filament is moistened, we recommend drying in a hot-air oven at 55°C for 3 hours.


  • Recommended nozzle for printing filament rPLA: 0,2-0,4mm.