Are you interested in the environment? Are you interested in the topic of recycling? We are!

For this reason, we would like to cooperate with other like-minded people and also show that even in technical areas it is possible to be greener.

At the same time, we would like to provide a platform for high school and university students who would like to learn more about this topic or are already engaged in this topic.

For students

Spolupráce na diplomových a bakalářských prací

Don't know what to do with the topic of your thesis or bachelor's thesis? We have several recycling, 3d printing, or waste treatment topics that you can work on.

Are you working on a topic related to our field and need to fill in a questionnaire or a professional consultation? We are happy to help you with that too.

We will also gladly provide you with facilities where you can participate in the production or processing of recycled material.


Support for interesting projects 

Do you have a project in front of you with which we can help you with our material? Do you have an interesting idea or concept in your head regarding our area of operation and do you need help to implement it?

Do not hesitate to contact us. If we can, we will be happy to support you. Send your ideas to the email: 

Current Project – Head on Water

A project for all who have a head and are not afraid to use it! A giant 4-meter statue of a human head will float on the Vltava River from June 14 to 26 and will spin the threads of all onlookers at its stops with a rich accompanying program. This huge head will contain smaller heads, which will be printed from PET recyclate. Based on an artistic design by Michal Trpák in cooperation with PETMAT and Art in the City and SCOOLPT, the largest ever artwork created by 3D printing will be created, to which our company will supply roughly 1000-1500 kg of recycled material.

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Kaleidoscope Project

In the framework of the student competition Digital Factory organized by MIT and FA ČVUT, EKO MB participated in the implementation of the project, for which it delivered 80 kg of the first recycled filament produced in the Czech Republic.

The five-member jury selected the winning installation called Kaleidoscope, a luminous interactive sculpture, by Turkish student Ekin Ünlü. The sculpture was presented at the International Engineering Fair in Brno and subsequently auctioned for CZK 166000. The money from the auction went to further support and development of the non-profit organization PET MAT.

“I am pleased that we can present the winning artwork at the Czech National Exhibition The Country for the Future. We have shown through the competition that it is possible to connect study and creativity with practice, i.e. real application,” says Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček, adding: “It is an approach in accordance with the Innovation Strategy and the National Economic Strategy based on it, which we are preparing and which will be ready by the end of the year. The life cycle of the 3D sculpture is a nice example of circular economy. Thus, it is a demonstration of social responsibility towards future generations.”

  The Kaleidoscope sculpture is a beautiful demonstration of the renewable and sustainable circular economy. Even waste can become a resource or an artistic object.

 Thank you for the pleasant cooperation and we look forward to further joint implementation of ecological projects.

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The first joint project with the non-profit organization PET-MAT, which produced,17 printed statues of angels, that decorated the streets of Jindřichův Hradec. On the basis of a crowdfunding call, it involved over a hundred people of various ages and professions, among them, 85 volunteer printers, who printed a total of 690 parts in 8,500 hours on 25 types of domestic 3D printers., Subsequently, the PETMAT team composed the statues of angels according to a design by sculptor Michal Trpák. The angels were part of the festival JINoHRÁtky, which was organized by the Museum of Jindřichohradecka.

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Cooperation with student Alexandra Gnidiak within the project Ethical Message

.Alexandra Gnidiaková – a student of UMPRUM, a studio of clothing and footwear design, used several kilograms of undefined fibre from a failed production for her second year of high school of arts and crafts. At the same time, she used a few used big bags or bags for her models.

Alexandra wanted to draw attention to how important the topic of sustainability is also in the fashion industry. Her work should have made us think about a more responsible way of buying and throwing away clothes. Alexandra was brilliantly able to combine material from already used ripped sweaters, old wool, but also synthetic fibre from our society, which comes from industrial production and becomes mere waste that needs to be reworked.

Alexandra had the opportunity to show her recycled models at Czech Fashion Week and even at a fashion show in Japan.

 We are very proud of her work and look forward to seeing more ecological models.


If you are interested in cooperation, contact us.


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